Present Principal Desk

No excuse for ignorance of Law. Legal education is a process of continuous growth and it enriches all who embrace it. It strengthens and prepares them for life. It enables one to become better citizens. The new society of the present centenary is a dynamic society in search of a total man, a perfect and full man and women to create a better society of understanding and mutual trust to exterminate the evil in human being.

The intelligence in man has to be harnessed to achieve the bet in man.  The finer points of creativity in students can be observed through legal education. We live in a consumer society that keeps as changing every day.  At this juncture we cannot offer to be co-placement; we have to be agent of hope to a society looking for fresh challenges and new visitors. So the paramount need of the hour in the present day crisis ridden society is to educate law students through good law colleges and schooling.  Hence our college has to be outstanding not only to quench the thirst for legal knowledge of a curriculum, but it should also create that thirst which gives meaning to legal education and growth towards a human society.

Vidyodaya Law college has been playing a noble role in guiding the students in keeping the motto of legal profession and justice. I am very grateful to our beloved Managing Trustee Professor H.S. Sheshadri who has been guiding to this institution to provide better education to the students.

Dr. A. Narayana Swamy

Present Principal I/C